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UON Bars Bar on the Hill Godfrey Tanner Bar

Eat Delicious + Healthy / Lunch + Dinner

GET A FEDUCATION! Now serving up some really solid grub...

Bar on the Hill is now delivering a wide variety of delicious, hearty and well-priced breakfast, lunch & dinner options from 8am daily.

Our home cooked buffet is prepared daily by our Chef with fresh cut meats, sides and salads. Great tasting meals start from only $12.

STINGING FOR STIMULATION? We got you covered...

Local coffee legends "Suspension Espresso" are in to help kick start your mind in the morning (and that time just after lunch) with the full-bodied coffee they are known for.  Now also slinging fresh juice too!

WHAT'S WITH ALL THE BREW-HAHA That's the sound of social lubricant...

Simple lagers to get you through to the next tutorial; local craft beer for the afternoon session; cider that can quench the hottest day; spirits to help get you on the dance floor; "affordable plonk"...because it is university. What kind of bar would we be if our taps were not flowing? (Let's forget about that brief time we didn't)